Rabbit Netsuke
Rabbit Netsuke

Rabbit Netsuke


This adorable rabbit figurine is handcrafted from the finest pewter in a Middlebury, Vermont workshop.

A rabbit is a symbol of fertility and can mean new growth in artistic areas and new projects. The rabbit shows quickness and agility, responding rapidly to its environment and able to find safety and survival even while on the move and surrounded by predators. They represent facing your fears with care and gentleness. Keep it on your desk to fidget with while making a decision at work, and let it remind you to approach each challenge with tenderness and mental agility.

Because each netsuke is made by hand, all dimensions are approximate. Subtle variations are natural.

  • The Rabbit Netsuke measures 13/16 inches long, 3/8 inches wide and 3/4 inches tall
Only 5 pieces in stock!

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