Bird Netsuke
Bird Netsuke

Bird Netsuke



Modeled after a traditional netsuke, a small Japanese figurine, this bird netsuke is irresistibly adorable. A perfect small token and gift, collectable, or desk accessory for anyone.

Most birds are a symbol of freedom, or symbols of future. Many believe birds are a sign of eternal life or immortality. Stories evoke birds as a sign of renewed life, often in transition between life and death, and many even consider birds a bringer of an ideal or proposal for future.

Handcrafted in a Middlebury workshop from solid pewter.

Because each netsuke is made by hand, all dimensions are approximate. Subtle variations are natural.

  • Measures 3/4 inches tall, 1 inches long, and 1/2 inches wide
Only 4 pieces in stock!

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