Riso Red and Blue Desk Alarm Clock
Riso Red and Blue Desk Alarm Clock

Riso Red and Blue Desk Alarm Clock


Dimensions: 6.5" W, 6"H, 2"D

1 AA battery

Alarm Clock

Embrace the morning with the Riso Red and Blue Alarm Clock, where functionality meets the lively essence of riso printing. This unique alarm clock features a bold  color palette, reminiscent of the vibrancy and spirit of riso art, all encased within a beautifully crafted wooden exterior. 

The wooden case not only adds a touch of natural elegance to this vibrant alarm clock but also serves as a sturdy and timeless vessel for the rich, graphic print that defines the face of this timepiece. The contrast between the vivid inks and the organic material creates an eye-catching piece that doubles as both a reliable alarm clock and a work of art for your bedside table.

Silent in its operation, the clock's mechanism ensures that your last moments of rest are as serene as they are undisturbed, while the efficient alarm feature promises to wake you with gentle persistence. The added convenience of the snooze button and the clarity provided by the LED light make this alarm clock a must-have for those who appreciate punctuality as much as they do design.

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